Frey United Software

indie online games developer

Indie online games developer

We are an indie online games developer from Poland. Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but we also ventured into other genre of browser games. In our titles we always try to find a new approach to the genre, give players unique experience and as much freedom as possible in choosing their own fate in game universe. And in that aspect we are as unique, as every single other game developer... :)

Multiplayer soccer / football manager game that offers wide range of management options.


Football-o-Rama Online Soccer Manager

Multiplayer soccer / football manager game originally developed in 2002, now making return in 2021 after few years of hiatus. Just like the original game new Football-o-Rama is all about giving players the chance to choose the way they want to build their football empire - through training, skillful negotiations or through off-field activities.

Multiplayer basketball manager game - build your club from scratch.


FUEL Basketball manager game

New online basketball manager game, in which you will be in charge of your team in the key fields - sponsorship deals, signing and terminating player contracts, hiring staff and deciding the tactics for each match.

Single player online football manager game that offers a compact interface and wide range of game modes.


Santa Monica FC Online Soccer Manager

Game made as a runup to Football-o-Rama return from hiatus. Our goal was to make a casual online soccer manager game for single player - something that is more or less absent on the browser games market. Even though the game interface is very compact SMFCO offers all of the options available in other online soccer manager games: youth development, club staff, long-term goals and multi-layer economy.

Online detective game - find the motive to find the killer and solve the cold cases.


The Lone Detective online sleuth game

Game originally developed around 2000 in form of play-by-email game (PBEM), in which users were solving mysteries working on the available data or asking Game Master for additional information. As a browser game The Lone Detective keeps the original idea, but Game Master's role is limited to reviewing solutions sent by the users.

Browser game that is somewhere between interactive novel and simple RPG game - travel through US with one aim - finding Caroline.


Where is Caroline? interactive novel

Game originally developed in 2002 as addition to Caroline in the City website, but with time it grew into something a bit bigger - through interactive novel format we built a game, in which you are trying to locate a target that is constantly on the move, but not randomly. You can stumble upon hints that would point you in right direction, but at the same time they could be misleading and time is not on your side.

Online political game - you are in charge of small African country.


Gubernator online political game

Game originally developed in 2002 and based on the classic games, like Dictator. You are in charge of a small African country and pretty much everyone is out to get you - farmers, army, secret police, neighbouring countries and global empires.