Amiga adventure games

Catacomb Amiga
Dreamweb Amiga
Escape from Colditz Amiga
Escape from Colditz
Flight of the Amazon Queen Amiga
Flight of the Amazon Queen
Guerilla in Bolivia Amiga
Guerilla in Bolivia
Hanger 18 Amiga
Hanger 18
Hunter Amiga
Lords of Time Amiga
Lords of Time
Lost Patrol Amiga
Lost Patrol
Pirates! Amiga
UFO: Enemy Unclothed Amiga
UFO: Enemy Unclothed
UFO: Enemy Unknown Amiga
UFO: Enemy Unknown
Uropa2 Amiga

adventure games

Classic adventure games did have different shapes and forms, from typical text games to titles with impressive graphics, but always the most important was the interesting idea and... oh yeah, the adventures.