Amiga economy games

Air Bucks Amiga
Air Bucks
Big Business Amiga
Big Business
Delivery Agent Amiga
Delivery Agent
Der Reeder Amiga
Der Reeder
Detroit Amiga
Flamingo Tours Amiga
Flamingo Tours
Movie Maker 2 Amiga
Movie Maker 2
Oil Barons Amiga
Oil Barons
Oldtimer Amiga
Patrizier Amiga
Ports of Call Amiga
Ports of Call
Railroad Tycoon Amiga
Railroad Tycoon
Sim City Amiga
Sim City
Sim City 2000 Amiga
Sim City 2000
Software Manager Amiga
Software Manager
Transarctica Amiga
Vermeer Amiga
Wall Street Wizard Amiga
Wall Street Wizard
Zeppelin Giants of the Sky Amiga
Zeppelin Giants of the Sky

economy games

Classic economy games were usually something between simulation of real life business (especially German economy games were putting emphasis on realism) and light approach to the theme. But what they all offered was look behind the closed doors of oil companies, software studios or newspapers.