Amiga simulators

688 Attack Sub Amiga
688 Attack Sub
Advanced Destroyer Simulator Amiga
Advanced Destroyer Simulator
Carrier Command Amiga
Carrier Command
Das Boot Amiga
Das Boot
Gunboat Amiga
M1 Tank Platoon Amiga
M1 Tank Platoon
Pacific Islands Amiga
Pacific Islands
Red Storm Rising Amiga
Red Storm Rising
SeaLance Amiga
Sherman M4 Amiga
Sherman M4
Silent Service Amiga
Silent Service
Strikefleet Amiga
Subwar 2050 Amiga
Subwar 2050
Team Yankee Amiga
Team Yankee
The Hunt for Red October Amiga
The Hunt for Red October
USS John Young Amiga
USS John Young
Wolfpack Amiga


Classic simulators were offering the chance to become captain of warship, tank or pilot of modern fighter, but just like in most of the genres here also the good idea for the game often meant far more than fancy graphics.