Amiga strategy-economy games

1497: Five Years After Amiga
1497: Five Years After
Christoph Kolumbus Amiga
Christoph Kolumbus
Civilization Amiga
Colonial Conquest 2 Amiga
Colonial Conquest 2
Colonization Amiga
Conquestador Amiga
Genghis Khan Amiga
Genghis Khan
Gold of the Americas Amiga
Gold of the Americas
Imperium Amiga
Settlers Amiga
Spoils of War Amiga
Spoils of War
Stellar Crusade Amiga
Stellar Crusade

strategy-economy games

Classic strategy-economy games were one of the most complicated games available on Amiga - they had to simulate many of the real life aspects of economy, society, warfare and diplomacy. Also usually they were the ones that had the best graphics.