Amiga strategy games

Air Force Commander Amiga
Air Force Commander
Air Force Commander WWII Amiga
Air Force Commander WWII
Annals of Rome Amiga
Annals of Rome
Arnhem Amiga
Balance of Power Amiga
Balance of Power
Bismarck Amiga
Brigade Commander Amiga
Brigade Commander
Champion of the Raj Amiga
Champion of the Raj
Charge of the Light Brigade Amiga
Charge of the Light Brigade
Conflict Europe Amiga
Conflict Europe
Conflict Korea Amiga
Conflict Korea
Dominium Amiga
Dreadnoughts Amiga
Empire Amiga
Fields of Battle Amiga
Fields of Battle
Fighter Command Amiga
Fighter Command
Final Conflict Amiga
Final Conflict
Gettysburg Amiga
Harpoon Amiga
Kingdoms of England II: Vikings Amiga
Kingdoms of England II: Vikings
Main Battle Tank Amiga
Main Battle Tank
Nam 1965-75 Amiga
Nam 1965-75
Perfect General Amiga
Perfect General
Rise of the West Amiga
Rise of the West
Sabre Team Amiga
Sabre Team
Stalingrad Amiga
Storm Across Europe Amiga
Storm Across Europe

strategy games

Classic strategic games were in various styles - from very simple maps and icons to the level of animated figures to play the part of the units. Also the range of simulated conflicts was rather wide - from ancient Rome to modern times.