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Frey United Software

We are an indie online games developer from Poland. Our first titles were published long, long, looong time ago, in 1990s, when Santa Monica FC and PSV Manager were published on Commodore Amiga computers. Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games and we switched from making games on specific platform to making browser games.

Our first such title Football-o-Rama was first made available in 2002 and now, nearly 20 years later, the title returns after few years of hiatus. It is multiplayer online soccer manager game, which gives users access to wide range of options to manage their team on- and off-pitch.

Our philosophy is giving players a freedom of choice how they want to enjoy our games and that is why we take care of freedom of choice on every step of their adventure in our titles.

We spent a lot of time building a Frey World universe, which almost all of our future titles will share. This would give players not only the better immersion, but also will interconnect our titles. For example if you wanna build your Football-o-Rama stadium in London, surely you can (if you can afford it), but since teams from this and other games could have the same idea it could mean you won't be able to.

We hope you'll enjoy our titles as much as we enjoyed making them. No, I'm lying, it was tedious and heartbreaking work, but someone had to do it. Oops, sorry, my insincerity mode must be on the blink today...