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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games.

Elite Cup Round 1 drawn


First round of the Elite Cup, the competition in which top team of last season face in order to win the top trophy of Football-o-Rama. Each round is played in two legs, week after week. In first round of Elite Cup first leg pairs are: Junior MKS (Div A1) - Chengdu RongCheng (Div D1) Chievo Verona (Div B1) - FC Comandoh (Div A1) AFC Beddingham (Div D1) - Nothing Toulouse FC (Div C1) Galanis Team (Div C1) - Astrokids (Div B1)

Staff management


Club staff now gained options to extend or terminate their contracts. Just like in case of players, staff members can extend contract in the last season of their current contract. With each contract extension their wages will be increased. Also one fix was implemented - the youth or reserve team players now can have their contract extended without moving them to first team.

End of season break


Current season ends on Sunday, there will be one weekend without league games (10-12th September) so I would have some time to implement additional features and store all the data. New season will start on 17th September. During that break there will be 3 rounds of friendly matches and all other club activities will take place as usual (staff changes, stadium improvements, etc).

While you were sleeping...


I know, the title sounds a bit creepy, but while you were sleeping an update happened on Rama. The new assignments for scouts are available and the talent scouting feature was re-balanced. Team focus You can assign scout to prepare a report about particular club that you will assign from drop-down menu. Keep in mind that it will take your scout at least few days to gather data, so if you think he can spy on your next opponent you might be disappointed. Our division To avoid confusion the assignment previously called "our opponents" was renamed to "our division", so it would not be mixed up with team focus. Scouting abroad This is a brand new feature - just like in talent scouting you can send your scout to look for promising talents, but here you can send him to any country in the world. Talent scouting This assignment was re-balanced to provide higher chances of finding a new talent in your own country. Club notifications It is a small new feature, it will provide you with messages, like info from scout about new talent or new report from reserve team being available.

Some new features


Well, I have some good news, some more good news and, for variety, some further good news. There are few new features in the game to get through: 1. reserve and youth team match reports they are not full match reports, but now you will get the reports what rating were given to your players that took part in those matches, of course they are against weaker opponents, so if some players will get high notes it does not mean they will be equally successful in first team matches 2. team mood if you have decent captain he will provide you with team mood report in My Team screen - this report covers team fit, morale, communication and experience, a things that influence the team performance 3. data analyst report if you have good enough data analyst hired he will provide you with team analysis page in My Team screen, which could help you with future decisions when it comes to starting lineup, as well as it will give you some estimate how good your team is in particular formations 4. match viewer a simple match viewer is available now, you can view your latest match without knowing the final result in advance - you will find the button on top right corner after logging in

Results predictions


New feature is now available in La Gazetta della Rama, results predictions, which allows you to test your knowledge about other teams - each week 10 most interesting matches from top divisions are chosen and you can try to predict their results. There are prizes for the number of results you will guess correctly, but they are not life changing amounts - it is just a bit of fun afterall. Since the matches are chosen based on clubs positions and results so far you can place your predictions only for upcoming round.

Additional info available


Since training sessions and staff assignments proved to be tricky without proper guide I have added additional info to those two elements. On club page, where training schedule is being assigned you will find short explanation to all of the training types available right now. It contains details what kind of influence they have on players, but also what risks are behind them. The staff guide was added to game rules (see details - staff), where all professions are shown with explanation what role they play in your club. Also the employee induction process was explained.

Few fixes and upgrades


Few quick fixes were introduced during this week, one of which sorts out the stadium capacity for matches. That is the good news, the bad is some of managers have decided to increase capacity of ALL FOUR stands at the same time, which means the fans will not be allowed to enter their stadiums. Stand under construction is... well, a construction site, and as such it is restricted area for fans. Small change was made to sponsor negotiations - now you can sign sponsorship deal before the negotiations will end (although they have to be on some level of progress anyway). If you wait until the end of negotiations you will (most likely) get a better offer, but you can sign the deal at current level of sponsorship income and contract length if you want to. Oh yeah, and one more thing - sponsors can now pull out of the negotiations if they feel your club is not good enough for them to associate with. One function from old Football-o-Rama was re-introduced: televised matches. Each round one match, the most interesting one among top division matches, will be transmitted live via RamaTV, which means both teams involved will get some extra money. To make it slightly more interesting each of the managers can add his reaction to the match result. Also additional elements were improved / re-balanced, among them the connection between having a scout assigned to certain role and being able to see match statistics. From now on it will take a scout set to other divisions to see individual player statistics next to match report, with two exceptions: you can always see them in your own matches and in case of those televised by RamaTV.

Additional scouting options


New scouting options were just activated - if you have active scout assigned to other divisions you can use him to prepare reports about players from other teams or those available on transfer lists (including amateurs). Each report has additional travel cost of 2000£ for the scout, so it is not exactly a cheap option, but it will allow you to gain some insight into player before you make an offer. Of course scout report has its limitations - scout provides you with summary of players, f.e. good playmaker, struggles in defensive situations, etc. but it will give you some idea what skills to expect from him. Another limitation is time - each report is valid for 5 weeks only, after that it will disappear. You can also use that option to gain some details about players in your opponents teams, but it would quite expensive. Oh, and there is one more detail to that mechanism - your scouting efforts might be spotted by journalists, so everyone, who will check gossip column in La Gazzetta will know what your transfer plans are.

Interface upgrade


Game interface is being upgraded. After changes Lone Detective will have the full account feature, where you can create account, sign in and review cases, there also be lobby for users, where scores will be stored. The account will be linked to our other games, so if you already have Frey Account you will not have to register again for Lone Detective.

Interface update


Football-o-Rama interface was just updated to make full use of the club staff. For new teams it will mean that some of the player data will not be available right now, which was one of the basic concepts beyond Rama development. All the new players details are unavailable even to the owner of the club they signed for until the player will spend some time in the club (like few weeks) or will play few matches for his team. Also once you select team captain (via club strategy page) he will help with learning the player details faster, as well as the coach assigned to the first team (via club organization page). Of course some parameters are easy to unveil (like pace or shooting), others will take some more time (like tactical skills or set pieces). Similar rules apply right now to players in other clubs - you will not see their details unless you hire a good scout and assign him to watch your opponents. In case of the players that did not yet played any matches you will know only basic data, like height and built, but after they will play few matches more details will be available. At the same time the club organization page allows you to assign some of the staff members to their jobs, but each time you change the assignment that staff member will take some time to work in full capacity in new job. It might be a bit strange at the beginning, but there will additional options available to learn more about players, even before you will sign them up.

New functions added


New elements are available in game interface: ticket prices, club strategy and club organization. Ticket prices are... pretty much self-explanatory, so I think we are gonna skip that one. Club strategy allows you to set goals for your team for current season, like what the training should concentrate on, which development target is most important (youth players, first team, defence). Also in this interface you can set overall style of play for your team and select team captain. All of those settings, once saved, are fixed for reminder of current season, including team captain. They only slightly change the tactics that you will choose for every match, they are more general targets to achieve. Club organization is another layer to your club staff in Rama - here you can give specific assignments to your staff members, especially scouts. They can watch your opponents, they can scout throughout other divisions for potential transfer targets or they can scout for new talents. That list will expand with time, but now it will allow us soon to add one more layer to staff, but that will be explained later.