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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games.

Meet Bob. Or Mark. Or Steve.


We do not know much about him, we are not really sure what his name is, but The Lone Detective just gained an informer that you can use in all of the available cases. How does it work? When you are stuck and have no idea what to do, you can visit

Changes for Season 16


There were few changes before Season 16, aiming mostly to civilize the transfer market: 1. player loyalty parameter will be in full use - players with low loyalty for current club will not be interested in extending contracts, their loyalty is dir

Strings Attached - new case


Brand new cold case is now available - Strings Attached - set in 1968 in United Kingdom, where musician in a rock band on the way to the top is found dead in the swimming pool. Just a handful of suspects, but to make things more complicated the post-

A brand new case


A brand new case, this time an open case and including two new features (archives and laboratory), was just added to the game. A Very Cold Case takes place in 1975, on a secluded island in the middle of the Northern Atlantic, a place where you wouldn

Interface rework finished


The last bit of new The Lone Detective interface rework is available now, the notebook that is available through a small button in bottom right corner of your screen. What is so great about it? It is available on every page within your case file (

Season 15


Season 15 starts this week with two new competitions: local cups and inter cup. The local cups matches will take place on Wednesdays each week, top 16 teams of previous seasons in each country or region will fight for the trophy in 4 weeks. In

Problems with account activation


Yesterday there were problems with account activation and some users did not get the activation links or were unable to activate account. The reason behind it (an overzealous programmer) was severely punished (no biscuits for two days!) and the activ

Interface rework


The game interface was reworked to make it more accessible: - more contrast on the text content, - more spaces between lines, - better organization of menu elements, - button sizes corrected, - button shape unified, - cases were given their "ti

A semifinal to remember


The LLLB Cup semifinal duel between SV Blau Weiss and MKS Chrzanow was something to remember with 16 goals scored in 2 matches. In first leg SV Blau Weiss manages to win away 4-3 with Nils Granqvist scoring a hattrick. MKS Chrzanow had to prepare

Bunch of changes


Bunch of changes were introduced to the game, including: - introduction of direct messages available in club details - player retirement age changed to various between players - introduction of icon on the squad list and status in the player data

Player parameters updates


During the break between seasons, apart from change of division structure and usual stuff, there was also change made to player parameters. While the new parameter was introduced (body weight), or rather displayed for the first time, the review of pl

Season reset and plans for next season


On Tuesday we will have the last round of current season, between Wednesday and Sunday there will be changes made to game structure, which means some of the features might not be available. New season should start on 24th October 2022. New divisio