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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games.

New match report


First elements of the new match report are used from now on - the lineups of both teams are available in more clear formula with additional colours (from red to green) used to highlight the rating player got in this particular match. This is part of the match report rebuild, further elements will be upgraded before end of current season.

Season 11 start date


Season reset went well the second time around (well, fourth actually, but who is counting?) and season 11 will start on next Tuesday, May 10th, without preseason friendlies. Among changes for upcoming season there will be second division, which means bottom teams from Division 1 will be relegated at the end of season and top teams from second division will take their place. Also the training functions / reports will be upgraded and the lineups select functions will be rebuilt to provide more data for the managers. There will be some changes to game interface in upcoming weeks (player and club past results, trophies, etc). There will be some changes to match engine, some of them before season start, also the language version will be improved.

New season slightly postponed


Due to technical problems with season restart there will be slight delay, season 11 will most likely start on Tuesday, May 10th.

New kit editor and premium features


New team kit editor is available - it allows you to preview all of the options available and add elements to temporary version of your kits before making the new version public. Two first "premium" features are available now, one of which is linked to the kit editor. If you have VIP points in your account you can spend them on adding pattern to your team kit (additional button and options will be available). Second "premium" option lets you change your player name - just click on his name in details page and you will get access to form that will allow you to enter new name for that player. Unlike the team kit change of the name requires admin approval, so keep in mind that new name for your player should be within his nationality. The VIP points will be deducted from your account once the name is approved. Right now there is no option to buy VIP points, there will be one in future. If you do not have VIP points all you have to do is wait until start of next season - you will get some at that point.

New Season


I will need few days to prepare game for new season, so FUEL will return (most likely) on May 2nd with few rounds of friendly matches. For new season there will be few changes in the interface, the most important will be with the interactive trainings. What is that? On each day that matches are not played you can use training sessions and will get instant feedback with the training results. There will be also different way of selecting lineups and preview opponents, but it is not yet sure if they will be available from the season start.

Polish language and preferences


Polish language version is available now. It still is pretty much "work in progress" version, but most of the interface is already translated. The missing parts of translation are available in English. At the same time the user preferences are available in the account page - so far you can choose language version and type of players list you wanna see in your team, but further options will be added with time.

Additional help for new users


New feature is available in the menu - the small clipboard icon leads to Team Status page, which will give managers some insight into what they might have missed, like choosing team captain, hiring staff members or missing a training schedule. The status page also refers manager to places, where he can fix the problems or find some more data about it. Hopefully this will make it easier for new managers to grasp the basics of Football-o-Rama, but also it might help current players to spot the details they missed.

Another huge milestone reached


No, not the 1 million new users in 7 days, but it’s Monday afterall, so... fingers crossed! This new milestone is huge, although noone actually asked for it :) How huge it is? If you are not interested in taking part in them it will not change your life. If you are interested in taking part... it will not change your life either. But if you spent last 3 weeks working on it really is huge, it’s like having a smaller game hidden within bigger game. Well, anyway - indoor championship is the new huge change to Football-o-Rama. It was one of the elements that was planned from beginning, but there were always more important things to take care of. There still are more important things to fix in the game, but indoor tournaments are here anyway. This part of the game was inspired by German competition from 1990s and early 2000s called DFB Hallenpokal. What is it all about? Each week 6-a-side indoor tournaments will take place on Wednesdays, each with 6 teams taking part. You can join up to 5 of them each season, you will have to assign at least 6 players to your indoor team and select separate lineup. The tournament is split into group stage, in which 3 teams will face each other once, top two teams will play in semi-finals and two winners of semi-finals will play in the final. Each tournament has prizes for best teams - winner gets the amount listed in the calendar, the finalist will get half of the amount and each semi-finalist will get 10 per cent. Also winner of tournament will get 5 points, runner-up will get 3 and semi-finalists will get 1 point to the indoor championship ranking. At the end of the season top 6 teams that gathered most points in tournaments will take part in Masters Tournament, in which the prizes are much higher. Why would you want to take part in indoor championship? 1. you can earn money 2. it is chance for players that have no chance to play in league or cups to get some experience 3. matches are completely different and require different skills, so even if your team is struggling in the league your players could be great in indoor tournaments 4. because someone, who will remain nameless, spent 3 weeks working on it and you feel sorry for him The tournaments are already drawn for current season, first will take place in 2 days, visit My Division > Indoor Championship for details.

Team analysis reworked


Team analysis page is now available in slightly improved version - the stars system was adapted to show the range for the formations (f.e. if it is 2 stars out of 5), but also this function got new modes. The page so far was showing the average data for the players available to be used in the lineup, but now you can switch between whole team (every player in the club), first team, reserve team, starting lineup (only the starting eleven) and available players (players from first team that are fit to play). And quick reminder - in order to have access to team analysis you need to have data analyst in your club staff.

Transfer market improvement


Transfer market just became slightly easier to use - in two overcrowded parts the list was replaced with search / filter options. Those two parts are free players and staff market - instead of long list now you can select position / profession, age and skill level to find shorter list for potential candidates. The value is stored within your session, so reviewing players on the list or moving around the website does not mean you will have to choose the settings again to continue your search.

Interactive trainings are here


Well not here, in the blog, but here, in the game interface. In the icon menu you will find a new one that will direct you to my club > training schedule page, which has changed completely. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays you will be able to have 3 training sessions similar to those that were used so far: rest, main skill training, technical, tactical, physical, regeneration or practice match. After choosing a session and clicking "commence chosen session" you will get the session feedback with specific value of fitness gained or lost by particular players, plus in which technical parameters they have gained something. Those feedback reports are stored in my squad > training page, where you can review few of the latest sessions. Since this is a new feature it will need some re-balancing, but in general they are more or less aligned with plan for this season, which is return to the evil version of player fitness. That evil plan is so the older players would not regain full fitness level by the end of the season. Of course you can counter that plan by squad rotation or using regeneration sessions.

Domestic and Inter cups drawn


The fixtures for domestic cups and Inter cups have been drawn. The domestic cups start on April 6th, the Inter cups on April 20th. The 1st round of Elite Cup: Junior MKS (A1) vs Nanning Royals FC (D1) FC Comandoh (A1) vs Kimmeridge (B1) GoeBezig Vilvoorde (D1) vs Nothing Toulouse FC (C1) Zodiac Montpellier (B1) vs Bombezni Lamantyny (B1) The 1st round of HSLS Cup: FC Joker (B1) vs Frey United FC (A1) Potion Drinkers (A1) vs MU Krave FC (C1) Galanis Team (C1) vs JR All Stars (D1) SPTTJS (D1) vs Chievo Verona (B1) The 1st round of LLLB Cup: SGFCcn (A1) vs Atlas Hannover FC (A1) Sport Villa Carlos Paz FC (C2) vs Floresta FC (A2) Midvagur Riverbank FC (D3) vs FC HULHA NEGRA (A1) RAEC Mons (C2) vs FC Harvester (C1)