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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games.

New training reports are available


New, improved, training reports are available right now. The new elements are: 1. the progress bar, which shows how close each player is to increasing his main skill level, 2. progress report, which lists players that last week made some progress towards increasing main skill level, 3. training feedback, which gives manager some insight into how he can improve the training effectivity (feedback requires a team captain to be selected). Soon further elements of training reports will be available.

Domestic cup winners


Final matches of Domestic Cups took place and we have the first winners that will play next year in interdivisional HSLS Cup. In Division A FC Comandoh beat the division leader Junior MKS 3-0, which was surprising since Junior so far lost only twice this season (once in a league match and once in Elite Cup). FC Comandoh gave the opponents no chance and completely dominated the match. In Division B Bombezni Lamantyny won 3-0 in the final against FK Partizan. The result was expected - Bombezni has a good run lately and in the semi-final they beaten the division leader, Chievo Verona. In Division C ubeaten Nothing Toulouse FC is still unbeaten. They won the cup final against Addicted float club scouring four goals. In Division D cup final FC Cape Town Thunder, the sole non-1st division team, won 2-1 against 1st division FC Bartalona. This match was the most interesting of the finals, not only because 3rd Div team reached that level, but also because both sides were very active and until last minute the win was still up for grab.

New training reports


We are finishing tests of the new version of training reports that will be in use from next Monday. In new version the training reports will not only contain the information about progress in technical data, but also main skill. Up to this point only the increase of main skill level was reported, but since it is quite rare (so far) it was a problem for new managers. Now you will see not only how close your players are to reaching next level of the main skill, but also who made progress in latest training sessions. Another new elements will be the short info how effective the latest training were, which could indicate if club needs more or better staff members to make better use of the training sessions. In future (hopefully not far future) the training report will also show more detailed description of the training itself, which could give hints which player should be given a place in starting lineup.

Elite Cup Final


In first leg of the first Elite Cup Final Nothing Toulouse FC proved to be too strong for home side, Junior MKS, they scored 3 goals and kept the clean sheet. This puts Toulouse in good position before second leg that will take place on their own stadium. Nothing Toulouse FC is currently the only team in top divisions that did not lost a league match with 16 wins in a row. No wonder two of the top scorers in Division C1 are players of Toulouse: Christian Thygesen scored 23 goals this season and Renato Marino managed to score 13 times. Junior MKS is leader of Division A1, with 9 points advantage and so far it was their second defeat this season (one in league match and now one in Elite Cup). Second leg of Elite Cup Final will take place next Wednesday.

Worst. Job. Ever.


I have to admit that recent couple of weeks were pretty tough - together with improvements to interface I started implementing changes that will allow Football-o-Rama to be multi-lingual. And this turned out to be the worst job I ever had. Literally! I spent so far about 3000 hours on developing Rama, but about 30 hours I spent in last 2 weeks changing interface to work on any language package proved to be the single worst, most irritating, boring, depressing, tedious, monotonous, mind-draining, soul-destroying, tiresome and dull thing that I ever did. But on the bright side at least it is unbelievably repetitive. If any of you think you had worse imagine taking every single bit of text on every single page of Football-o-Rama, checking if it was used before, placing in package, linking spot in interface to package and then repeat. And then repeat. And then repeat few thousand times more. Oh yes, and the help text too. And the match description. And the title texts. And the privacy rules. And so on... Now, about 80% of the interface is done, Polish version is coming pretty soon and, hopefully, Ukrainian version will follow. Together with Polish version the improved interface will be available.

Case #4 - Lightning never strikes twice


Elderly couple was found dead in their home on the outskirts of the town. It looks like someone broke into their house and attacked them using some sort of blunt instrument. There is however one disturbing detail in that story hidden in the past of the male victim. New case on The Lone Detective is mixture of cold case files and classic whodunit formula - hope you will find it interesting.

Domestic cup finals


Domestic Cups are reaching the final stage, the last matches this season will take place on December 1st. In Division A FC Comandoh will face the, so far, unbeaten leader Junior MKS. In Division B Bombezni Lamantyny, after surprising win against Chievo Verona in semi-final, will face FK Partizan. In Division C leader Nothing Toulouse FC is the clear favorite against Addicted float club. In semi-final Nothing Toulouse FC beat their most formidable rivals from Galanis Team. In Division D cup final FC Cape Town Thunder, a 3rd division team, will face 1st division FC Bartalona. In semi-final FC Cape Town Thunder managed to beat 2nd division leader, SC Shkoder.

The Lone Detective rework is finished


Game interface was upgraded and linked to Frey Account, a single account that gives access to all of our online games. From now on the accounts will be easier to access and if you already have Frey Account you do not need to create new account in each game separately. After several reworks the final form of the game has crystalized and with additional data we can now add new cases to the game content. We make final touches on the first of the new cases and in future most of them will have the cold case style, where you have all the data in front of you and it is up to you to point the culprit. Also we work on another detective game, which was suppose to be another case for The Lone Detective, but the huge differences in the gameplay and data structure forced us to turn it into completely separate title.

Elite Cup Round 1 drawn


First round of the Elite Cup, the competition in which top team of last season face in order to win the top trophy of Football-o-Rama. Each round is played in two legs, week after week. In first round of Elite Cup first leg pairs are: Junior MKS (Div A1) - Chengdu RongCheng (Div D1) Chievo Verona (Div B1) - FC Comandoh (Div A1) AFC Beddingham (Div D1) - Nothing Toulouse FC (Div C1) Galanis Team (Div C1) - Astrokids (Div B1)

Staff management


Club staff now gained options to extend or terminate their contracts. Just like in case of players, staff members can extend contract in the last season of their current contract. With each contract extension their wages will be increased. Also one fix was implemented - the youth or reserve team players now can have their contract extended without moving them to first team.

End of season break


Current season ends on Sunday, there will be one weekend without league games (10-12th September) so I would have some time to implement additional features and store all the data. New season will start on 17th September. During that break there will be 3 rounds of friendly matches and all other club activities will take place as usual (staff changes, stadium improvements, etc).

While you were sleeping...


I know, the title sounds a bit creepy, but while you were sleeping an update happened on Rama. The new assignments for scouts are available and the talent scouting feature was re-balanced. Team focus You can assign scout to prepare a report about particular club that you will assign from drop-down menu. Keep in mind that it will take your scout at least few days to gather data, so if you think he can spy on your next opponent you might be disappointed. Our division To avoid confusion the assignment previously called "our opponents" was renamed to "our division", so it would not be mixed up with team focus. Scouting abroad This is a brand new feature - just like in talent scouting you can send your scout to look for promising talents, but here you can send him to any country in the world. Talent scouting This assignment was re-balanced to provide higher chances of finding a new talent in your own country. Club notifications It is a small new feature, it will provide you with messages, like info from scout about new talent or new report from reserve team being available.