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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games.

Season 14 champions


In Division A FC Comandoh managed to avoid losing a single league match this time and won championship after last 3 titles in a row belonged to Junior MKS. FC Comandoh overall had a good season reaching final in domestic cup and won HSLS Cup. In D

Season 14 Inter Cups winners


In Elite Cup final Bombezni Lamantyny beat Kimmeridge 3-0 and 5-1, which means that after winning the domestic cup last week and being current leader of Division B1, Bombezni Lamantyny could be the first winner of all 3 trophies in a single season. W

FUEL reaches 1.0 status


Rest of the changes for current season were uploaded to server, which include: 1. by clicking on the club name in division or fixtures you open the club info with current roster, past seasons records, recent matches, recent transfers and option to

Two new staff members and new reports


Bunch of changes were just implemented into the game, slight interface tweaks, slight changes to match balance, but the most important one are new staff members and new reports. Now you can hire an accountant, who will give you additional reports

Account registration bug fixed


The bug that was causing in recent weeks problems with registration / activation have been finally fixed and now all new teams will be processed as they should have been. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Seaon 13 begins


Season 13, unlucky for some, begins tomorrow. Some of the options that were introduced close to end of previous season now are available in slightly improved versions, among them: - merchandise, where you can buy and sell team shirts, - improved

Season reset and upcoming features


Season reset will take place on Friday evening, season 13 will start on Monday, 28th August 2022, so if you have any contracts to extend this it the time to do it. The biggest change in upcoming Season 13, will be introduction of scouting options.

Domestic cups finals of Season 14


In Division A FC Comandoh (A1), after beating Junior MKS 4-0 in semifinal, will face Potion Drinkers (A1), which beat Tecate FC 2-1. Both finalists are in top 3 of their division, which might be sign of interesting final. In Division B Bombezni La

New features


The My Club interface was just reworked and new features were added: - My Club page is no split into club details, economy, staff and arena - season-by-season club history was added in club details, - new option to generate income was added - club

Temporary problems


Our hosting provider had some sort of technical problems, which made our websites to be down for couple of hours, it looks like they managed to fix it now. And no, we are not in Canada, but we feel your pain :)

New training engine


New training engine just went live for the first time. The new engine does not affect the interactive part of the training, but rather the weekly influence of club staff and club strategy. The influence of following staff members was increased: - co

Interface reworked and other stuff


Game interface was just reworked with mobile version finally patched up. The changes are not revolutionary, like putting My Club elements in separate boxes, adding visual presentation of top players in the divisions, different setting of match report