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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games.

Game improvement


Some more changes were made to the game structure, there were slight interface improvements, but also there was one bigger change - economy report. After each decision you make, the will be summary of how it has influenced the social groups of you

Well, that was some year


August 2022 was not a great moment in the history of The Lone Detective game - we were still working on the game formula, there were 2 cases available and in the whole month only 2 users gave them a try, far less than in previous months. By the way,

Game structure rework


The game interface, as well as the data structure, were reworked as a preparation for the new, improved version of the game. Soon new features will be introduced to Gubernator, which will make the gameplay less linear and will open new possibilities for the players to approach the problems.

Brand new short case


Brand new short case premiered today, this time the story takes place in modern times in India - an investigative journalist is killed on the doorstep of the apartment building he lived in. The weapon? A stone. The motive? The culprit? Those part you will have to fill up yourself.

Restart postponed


Sorry, but due to job-related obligations I was unable to prepare the changes for upcoming season. That is why the restart was postponed twice in past week and now, unfortunately it will be postponed again, until August 7th. The new match engine,

A new case with the twist


New case is available, but this one is slightly different from previous one. No, still someone dies, still there are few suspects, but this time you get help solving the case. Big help, because case #14, The Lens of the Beholder, is a tutorial case.

Welcome to season 17


During the break between seasons we had a club reshuffle to adapt structure to number of active clubs, so redundant lower divisions were cut down, instead 2 additional national divisions were formed - Spain and Argentina. This aimed to give total num

New indoor matches engine


New indoor matches engine just made its premiere with... tiny glitch, of course. The new version puts a bit more emphasis on team formation selected for the tournament, so now it makes a bigger difference if you choose 2-2-1, 2-1-2 or 3-1-1 formation

Season 17


There will be few changes for the upcoming season 17, apart from new match engine, there will be better indoor tournaments match engine, fully played reserve / youth team matches. Also there will be two changes in the transfer system: planned tran

Progress report


The start of season 17 will be delayed until Wednesday, 19th April, so I could do some more tests of the new engine. The main change in new version is putting more emphasis on tactics and team formation than in previous one. This should result in

Scout reports


New version of scout reports is available via My Squad > Scouting, in this version you are given the starting lineups of both teams and short notes from your scouts describing the players. Since they are opinions of your scout, they do not give you a

End of season 16 and short break


The problematic Season 16 (due to server migration and change of divisions structure) has come to an end. Congratulations to Nothing Toulouse FC, who gave no chance to anyone else to win any trophy this season, which was extremely naughty of him!