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Going Undercover (1985)

feature film

could have been better
could have been better
worth to see
worth to see

Short description:

Private investigator Henry Brilliant is hired by Miss de la Hunt to protect her step-daughter Marigold during her trip to Denmark. The daughter happens to be a seductive young woman, who doesn’t really want to be protected.

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Cast of Going Undercover

Chris Lemmon movies chris-lemmon

as Henry Brilliant

Lea Thompson movies

as Marigold de la Hunt

Jean Simmons movies jean-simmons

as Maxine de la Hunt

Viveca Lindfors movies viveca-lindfors

as Mrs. Bellinger

Mills Watson movies mills-watson

as Billy O’Shea

Jewel Shepard movies jewel-shepard

as Peaches

Nancy Cartwright movies nancy-cartwright

as Stephanie

John Bird movies john-bird

as Professor Borg

Michael Gothard movies michael-gothard

as Strett

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