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Lea Thompson - Splinterheads

Splinterheads (2009)

feature film

Short description:

A traveling carnival rolls in to town for the summer and changes the life of young man Justin Frost.

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Creators of Splinterheads

Brant Sersen movies


Brant Sersen movies


Cast of Splinterheads

Thomas Middleditch movies thomas-middleditch

as Justin Frost

Lea Thompson movies

as Susan Frost

Rachael Taylor movies rachael-taylor

as Galaxy

Christopher McDonald movies christopher-mcdonald

as Sergeant Bruce Mancuso

Dean Winters movies dean-winters

as Reggie

Jason Mantzoukas movies jason-mantzoukas

as The Amazing Steve

Pamela Shaw movies pamela-shaw

as Betty

Edmund Lyndeck movies edmund-lyndeck

as Albert

Jason Rogel movies jason-rogel

as Wayne

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