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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games.


since 2002, browser online game


Multiplayer online soccer manager game, in which you can compete against users from around the world.

Based on experiences from PSV Manager we decided to have a go at online multiplayer soccer manager game and after test season in 2002 we opened for new players. With time we have reached over 1,000 active users, which was way above the number we were expecting or were prepared for. For various reasons (main being need to completely rework game structure and adapt to more modern solutions) Football-o-Rama went into hiatus in 2008-2009. Due to other business commitments we were unable to fully rework game in short time.

In 2016 short closed beta-tests showed that game is not yet ready to re-open and that's how we ended up in 2021 and new version of Football-o-Rama, based partly on experiences from Santa Monica FC Online.

What Football-o-Rama has to offer? Wide range of managerial options, but the most important of them is negotiating transfers directly with other managers, not just buying players via auctions. It might seem like a detail, but once you try it you will understand how different experience it is.

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New training reports are available


New, improved, training reports are available right now. The new elements are: 1. the progress bar, which shows how close each player is to increasing his main skill level, 2. progress report, which lists players that last week made some progress towards increasing main skill level, 3. training feedback, which gives manager some insight into how he can improve the training effectivity (feedback requires a team captain to be selected). Soon further elements of training reports will be available.

Domestic cup winners


Final matches of Domestic Cups took place and we have the first winners that will play next year in interdivisional HSLS Cup. In Division A FC Comandoh beat the division leader Junior MKS 3-0, which was surprising since Junior so far lost only twice this season (once in a league match and once in Elite Cup). FC Comandoh gave the opponents no chance and completely dominated the match. In Division B Bombezni Lamantyny won 3-0 in the final against FK Partizan. The result was expected - Bombezni has a good run lately and in the semi-final they beaten the division leader, Chievo Verona. In Division C ubeaten Nothing Toulouse FC is still unbeaten. They won the cup final against Addicted float club scouring four goals. In Division D cup final FC Cape Town Thunder, the sole non-1st division team, won 2-1 against 1st division FC Bartalona. This match was the most interesting of the finals, not only because 3rd Div team reached that level, but also because both sides were very active and until last minute the win was still up for grab.

New training reports


We are finishing tests of the new version of training reports that will be in use from next Monday. In new version the training reports will not only contain the information about progress in technical data, but also main skill. Up to this point only the increase of main skill level was reported, but since it is quite rare (so far) it was a problem for new managers. Now you will see not only how close your players are to reaching next level of the main skill, but also who made progress in latest training sessions. Another new elements will be the short info how effective the latest training were, which could indicate if club needs more or better staff members to make better use of the training sessions. In future (hopefully not far future) the training report will also show more detailed description of the training itself, which could give hints which player should be given a place in starting lineup.

New training reports online game
New training reports online game
New training reports online game
New training reports online game