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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games. While we still work on several projects this is the list of our titles that you might have stumbled upon in past or... this is your chance to stumble upon them right now :)

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FUEL Basketball

2022, browser online game


Multiplayer online basketball manager game similar in concept to Football-o-Rama.

Build your basketball team in any place in the world and challange the teams for the championship title. You hire players, train them, prepare lineups for the matches, but also take care of the behind the scenes details, like signing sponsorship deals, taking care of finances, signing staff members to help you deal with all the aspects of running the club.

Game is available in few language version: English, Polish, German, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Ukrainian and French.

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Welcome to season 17


During the break between seasons we had a club reshuffle to adapt structure to number of active clubs, so redundant lower divisions were cut down, instead 2 additional national divisions were formed - Spain and Argentina. This aimed to give total number of separate leagues to 8, so the Inter Cup would be much easier to draw (top 2 teams from each league). The lower divisions were also reduced to accommodate the new feature that will be introduced this season - talent pool / scouting. Each league and continent have pool of teams and players that can be discovered by your scout (if he is not too busy watching your opponents). The main difference will be that those players from talent pool will be taking part in the matches, so you will have access to their current match stats. Also the new match engine should be ready before we finish the pre-season rounds of friendly matches, also few smaller features will be introduced this season.

Scout reports


New version of scout reports is available via My Squad > Scouting, in this version you are given the starting lineups of both teams and short notes from your scouts describing the players. Since they are opinions of your scout, they do not give you access to details of those players, rather gist of what they are like. Also, to prevent the problems from the past happening again, the scouting page allows to cancel the orders given to the scout, so they would not get stuck in some loop and provide no information.

Changes for Season 16


There were few changes before Season 16, aiming mostly to civilize the transfer market: 1. player loyalty parameter will be in full use - players with low loyalty for current club will not be interested in extending contracts, their loyalty is directly linked to number of matches they have played for the team, 2. free players might not be interested in joining team, where there is too much competition for their position - this one is pretty much self-explanatory, but to make things easier those not interested are automatically removed from the transfer list, so each manager will see only the players that are interested in joining his team, 3. player might not want to extend contract if he feels there is too much competition for his position in current club, 4. newly signed free players will automatically have "not for sale" transfer status, which cannot be changed for first few weeks of their stay in new team, unless they will play at least 5 league matches for this club (later it will be extended to any official matches), 5. Inter Cup was changed from being played in one week during the season, to being played like domestic cup, once a week, 6. Inter Cup and domestic cup will be played on Friday evenings, not Wednesdays like it was in previous season, 7. match viewer will finally give proper feedback from the matches (the new options will be introduced during pre-season friendlies).

Changes for Season 16 online game
Changes for Season 16 online game
Changes for Season 16 online game
Changes for Season 16 online game