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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games. While we still work on several projects this is the list of our titles that you might have stumbled upon in past or... this is your chance to stumble upon them right now :)

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Santa Monica FC Online

since 2019, browser online game


Single player online soccer manager game, which procedurally generates world for each of your plays.

While working on Football-o-Rama we discovered that to fully test some of the functions we would need a lot of testers or... not that many robots. And since we were already preparing such feature for the multiplayer game we decided to make use of those experiments to build a browser single player online soccer manager - something that is pretty much impossible to find on the Internet. And thus Santa Monica FC Online was born, as a testing ground for Football-o-Rama.

Game offers quite few game modes that change the range of options available in the game, also option to run a national team in World Cup competition.

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Small bug fixes


Small bug fixes were introduced: - after game start the difficulty level / skill type was missing or display wrong value, despite game running on correct settings, - close button on transfers player details was sometimes working incorrectly in mobile version, - slight changes were made to interface in mobile version.

National team manager upgrade


Niklas Persson’s Project, a national team manager game mode in Santa Monica FC Online just got an important upgrade - more details of players are now available, like the level of division they play right now, what is their status in their club, as well as stats from current league season. We also introduced new events that will happen in that game mode, among them are notes from your scout that will provide you with updates about your players.