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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games.

The Lone Detective

since 2017, browser online game


Modernized version of our old game Detektyw PBEM - solve crimes through detecting motives of the killer.

The Lone Detective is in our concept game based on spotting facts that will lead you to identity of a killer through deduction. Of course you can browse through tons of evidence and miss the right track, but with a bit of luck or just through right approach you can cut through all the red herrings.

To make things a bit harder we implemented a random generated names into the documents, so each player would get completely different personal data and thus would have harder times spoiling it for other users.

While the first case is still available we are working on version with different approach to the genre.

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Interface upgrade


Game interface is being upgraded. After changes Lone Detective will have the full account feature, where you can create account, sign in and review cases, there also be lobby for users, where scores will be stored. The account will be linked to our other games, so if you already have Frey Account you will not have to register again for Lone Detective.

Interface upgrade online game
Interface upgrade online game
Interface upgrade online game
Interface upgrade online game