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Since 2002 we focus mainly on sport management games, but as you can see on the list below we also ventured into other genre of browser games. While we still work on several projects this is the list of our titles that you might have stumbled upon in past or... this is your chance to stumble upon them right now :)

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Where is Caroline?

since 2002, browser online game


Online interactive novel inspired by 1990s sitcom Caroline in the City - travel against time through United States.

Originally this game was just an extension to website about the sitcom, but after reviewing this years later we decided to upgrade it, because it was still fun to play. The goal was simple - you have to find a woman you love and stop her marrying someone else. Oh yeah, and you have less than 14 days to do it. To make things a bit more complicated she is quite busy during those days, so you'll have to travel to different locations throughout United States to catch up with her.

Of course there are some limitations, for example you need money to use the public transport or hire a car, which is not a problem as far as you can find ATM on your way. Also you have to rest once in a while or you could be in trouble... The only clues you can gather where Caroline are from other characters, but those informations could be misleading or outdated.

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Another small fix


Recently introduced bug fix caused another little problem and game was not starting properly for some users. It is now fixed as a quick fix to previous quick fixed to patch the old fix that caused the original bug. Or something like that. Well, it works now anyway.

Quick bug fix


As it turned out there was a small bug, but one that could be extremely annoying - if during the game you jumped to the characters page or game rules page in some circumstance you might not be able to return to your game since the return button was sometimes not working well. It is fixed now, but if you were one of the victims of that bug we are sorry, but it was not an easy error to repeat and hence not an easy one to fix. But we did it and it is gone.

New mechnics


Where is Caroline? now got two new mechanics: the hunger and the thirst, so now, apart from fitness and hygiene you also have to take care of food and drink in order to continue your travel. Of course that means there are additional options available - you can buy water and food in different places, also you can dine in restaurants. This does not change much in your spendings, but at the same time makes the travel a bit more tricky. As you can guess walking will increase your thirst much faster than other means of of travel, while traveling aboard planes will decrease your thirst and hunger, since you have access to drink and food.

New mechnics online game
New mechnics online game
New mechnics online game
New mechnics online game